Big Screen Movies

$325 Sunday-Thursday
$399 Friday & Saturday

Bring the big screen to your own backyard! This 8’4”x14’8” inflatable movie screen will turn your backyard into your very own movie theatre.

The 600-watt sound system and 4000 lumen HD projector provides the highest quality movie screening experience. We’ll also provide the Blu-ray/DVD player and a professionally trained attendant will set up, monitor and breakdown all of the equipment so all you have to do is enjoy the movie! The rental also includes a microphone so you can professionally address your audience.

The base rental includes 2.5 hours of movie time. If you want to show a double feature or an extra long movie, it’s just $99 for each additional hour.

Our Inflatable Movie Screen is great for movie nights in your own backyard, school events, summer camps, fairs, festivals and much more! Get the full movie theatre experience by pairing your rental with buttery movie theatre popcorn. Save $15 on your popcorn machine rental when packaged with the Inflatable Movie Screen.

Big Screen Movies can also be used indoors as long as space allows.

See you at the movies!

More Information

  • Set Up Area Needed: 30’ x 30’, plus audience space.
  • Electricity: Min. 20 amp

Movie Fundraising

For copyright reasons, it can be pretty expensive to get the proper licensing in order to charge a fee for people to see a movie for a fundraiser, but you can still use a movie screening as part of a fundraising event.

Concession Rentals

Concession Rentals

Show a movie for free, but charge for concessions, snacks or other goodies.

Dinner and a Movie

Dinner and a Movie

Do a dinner and a movie night and charge per meal ticket and show the movie as a bonus.

Auctions and Raffles

Auctions and Raffles

Use the movie to help draw people in to silent auctions and raffles or a 50/50.


You are required to have a license to show a movie to any audience (paid or not) that is not at your home and/or consists of more than family and friends. This includes schools, park and recs, public parks, churches and other public places. Licensing can be obtained on an annual or per event basis through Swank Motion Pictures Inc or Criterion Pictures USA. Movie Licensing USA (a division of Swank) is special licensing for K-12 schools and public libraries. You are NOT required to obtain a license to show a movie in your own backyard to family and friends.