Flipper Dipper 18′ Slide


The Flipper Dipper 18’ Slide has the thrill of riding the waves, just like the dolphins do! This has two inflatable dolphins at the top with a big wave. It does have a bump in the middle for more wave-riding excitement. Because it is such a thrilling experience, we recommend participants be at least 4 years old or older to ride.

Pop-out steps and handles will help participants climb to the top and the enclosed platform and slide netting will prevent over-eager dolphin riders from jumping at the top of the slide. An air-filled bumper at the bottom of the slide will catch riders and a cutout at the end makes for an easy exit. As always, our inflatables are made using lead free and fire resistant vinyl for your safety.

Using this slide wet will definitely give you the full experience of riding the waves, but it can certainly be used dry as well and it is just as fast either way. Trust us.

Ready to swim with the dolphins?

More Information

  • Setup area: 40'L x 26'W or larger
  • Actual Size: 27'L x 13'W x 18'H
  • Outlets: min. 20 amp circuit