The Octagon


If you think you have what it takes to be the next jousting champion, this unit is for you. The Octagon comes complete with a pedestal and pugil sticks for a jousting competition right in your own backyard.

The best part about the Octagon is its versatility. The jousting pedestal is removable so it leaves an large open bounce area (the largest one we have available) to fit more than your standard 4-6 kids. It also has a basketball hoop for added fun. We recommend ages 5 and up for the jousting, but the open bounce area is great for all ages. The inflatable ramp and entrance netting with elastic help kids enter and exit the battle area. The 360-degree high visibility netting allows you to keep an eye on all battles and cheer on your friends. As always, our inflatables are made with lead free and fire resistant vinyl and include a safety exit.

Are you the next jousting champion?

More Information

  • Setup area: 30'L x 30'W or larger
  • Actual Size: 27'L x 23'W x 13'H
  • Outlets: min. 20 amp circuit