Airbounce Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

Proof of Insurance

Airbounce Amusements is insured. Please see our certificate of liability insurance for details.

Reservation Policy & FAQ

Reservations may be made through our website at using the reservations tab. You may also call us at (203) 626-5684 to speak with one of our reservation specialists. We will be happy to answer any questions you have or help you decide the best rental options for your event!

We are able to send official quotes if needed. Please be aware that your reservation is not complete and nothing will be reserved for you until a deposit is paid and you receive an email confirmation from us. For more information on payment, please see our Payment Policy. A quote is not a reservation. A quote will not guarantee the availability of your quoted unit(s) for your date, however, it is a temporary promise of pricing. Pricing on a quote is valid for 30 days.

Availability is first come first serve. The first person to make a deposit on a unit will get to reserve it. If you decide to change your date, you forfeit your reservation of that unit on the original date. We do not reserve units for rain dates. In the event that your party is postponed, we will be happy to change the date of your reservation as long as the units are available for the date you choose. There is no penalty charge for changing the date on a reservation as long as it is done before the driver departs for deliveries on the day of your event.

Once a deposit is paid and email confirmation of your reservation is received, you can be assured that your units are reserved for your event. We WILL NOT call you days before your event to tell you we rented your unit to someone else because they were willing to pay more. In the event that for some unforeseen reason your unit becomes unavailable (ex. unit is damaged), we will do everything we can to supply a comparable unit.

A reservation can be made via our website at using the reservations tab or by phone at (203) 626-5684.
You may book as far in advance as you want. Availability is first come first serve so we suggest booking as far in advance as possible, especially if you're interested in a particular unit. We have customers that book right after their event for next year's date!
We recommend making a reservation at least 2-4 weeks in advance during the summer months in order to have a good selection to choose from. If you're looking for something specific, we recommend booking as soon as you know the date. If your party is tomorrow, we can probably still accommodate you with something, but you may not have a large selection to choose from.
All rentals except for concessions and the photo booth are based on 6 hours. Two additional hours may be purchased for $20 more. Concessions are based per day and the photo booth depends on the package chosen.
We will have the unit set up in plenty of time before you party so you can enjoy at least 6 hours of bouncing time. We will arrive at least 30min before the start time on your reservation. Depending on the schedule, you may receive it even earlier, but this cannot be guaranteed. We will pick up as close to your end time as possible.
We do not allow any of our rental items to be left overnight except concessions. We do not allow our equipment to be used in the dark. There is a much higher risk of injury if units are used without proper lighting. We also do not want to risk damage to the units by leaving them outside overnight.
Yes. A deposit of at least 20% of your total is required in order to make a reservation.
We do not charge a delivery fee for Wallingford and the immediate surrounding towns including Cheshire, Meriden, North Haven, Northford, Hamden, Durham and Middlefield. Delivery fees will vary for all other towns. To find out what the delivery fee is for your town, just give us a call or process a quote on our website under the reservations tab.
The minimum order requirement for any order with a delivery item is at least $165. The minimum order requirement may be more depending on your town.
Yes. We are able to email an official quote of your event if needed. Pricing on a quote is valid for 30 days. Please keep in mind a quote is just that. A quote. Nothing is reserved for you until a deposit is made and you receive an email confirmation from us. Availability of the items in your quote cannot be guaranteed until a reservation is made.
Once you've made a deposit and received an email confirmation from us, the items in your reservation are booked for you and your date. Our reservation software will not allow overbooking of items. You can be assured that your units will not be rented to someone else.
We cannot reserve units for a rain date. If your event is rained out, we will be happy to reschedule your reservation as long as there is availability on the date you choose. There is no additional charge for rescheduling an event due to weather as long as it is requested before the driver departs for deliveries on the morning of your event. We will let you know what the cutoff time is the day before.
Unfortunately it is impossible for us keep track of waitlists for sold out units. If the unit you want is unavailable, we can make a note on your reservation that you prefer another unit and we will make every effort to let you know if it becomes available, but we cannot make any guarantees. You are welcome to check in with us periodically to see if a unit you want has become available or you can check yourself on the website by creating a quote.
No. We do not hold any rental items without a deposit. No exceptions.
Yes. We will call you the day before your event with your driver's name, delivery time and to take your final payment if you wish to pay via credit card. Cash is also accepted upon delivery. You are welcome to contact us at anytime if you have a question or would like to make a payment.

Payment Policy and FAQ

All reservations require a deposit equal to or greater than 20% of your total. The deposit can be made via credit card on our website or in cash at our Wallingford location. Your reservation is not complete until the deposit is paid. This means we do not hold any units for any reason without a deposit. Any deposit made at the time of your reservation is fully refundable up until 2 weeks prior to your event as the result of a cancelation for any reason. If you cancel your reservation after the two-week prior date, your deposit equaling 20% of your total cannot be refunded. You will have the choice to either have us save it for a future reservation or you can forfeit it. If you or we cancel the reservation due to weather on the DAY OF the event, the deposit is refundable. Please see our weather policy for more information.

Payment Dates to Remember:

  1. Reservation Date:
    20% deposit required
  2. Two Weeks Before Event:
    Deposit becomes nonrefundable, unless there is a cancelation due to weather on the day of your event.
  3. Day of your Event:
    Final payment is due upon delivery.

Any balance remaining on the reservation is due the day of the event at the time of delivery. Credit card payments need to be made the day prior to your event over the phone when we call to confirm. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Cash payments may be made to the driver upon delivery. Please provide the exact amount, our drivers do not carry cash for change. If balance is not paid at the time of delivery, we will not deliver items rented. We DO NOT accept personal checks. NO EXCEPTIONS. Company or business checks may be accepted if prior approval is acquired from Airbounce Amusements.

Yes. A deposit equal to or greater than 20% of your total is required to complete a reservation. Units will not be reserved for your date until a deposit is paid.
Deposit can be paid with a credit card on our website if you book your reservation online or over the phone. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. You may also pay the deposit with cash at our Wallingford location. We do not accept personal checks.
We accept credit card payments with Visa, Mastercard, or Discover via our website or phone. We also accept cash. Personal checks are not accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS.
We do not accept personal checks. We may accept checks from schools or businesses, but you must get prior approval from Airbounce Amusements before attempting to pay with a check.
Yes and no. Any deposit paid is fully refundable for cancelation of any reason up until two weeks prior to your event. 20% of your total is nonrefundable after that date unless you or we cancel due to weather on the day of your event.
If you make a reservation for an event that is less than two weeks away, your deposit is nonrefundable, unless there is a cancelation due to weather on the day of your event.
Yes. You may pay any amount above the 20% required deposit.
No. You will only be required to forfeit the amount that is equal to 20% of your total at the time of cancelation.
Yes. You may make cash or credit card payments in any amount and at anytime prior to your event.
Cash payments may be made at our Wallingford office location at 61 N Plains Industrial Rd. We are located in the same building as The UPS Store. (Note: When using a GPS, make sure it picks up North Plains Industrial ROAD, not Drive).
Yes. However, our drivers to not carry change so please pay the exact amount.

Bad Weather Policy & FAQ

Weather is the one the factor we cannot control. We do not want you to have to cancel your reservation because of weather, but safety is our number one priority. We will not set up an outdoor inflatable unit if the weather is forecasted to be a complete rainout (pouring rain all day), if the wind is forecasted to be over 15mph, or if the high temperature is below 45 degrees F. The blower for the inflatables is powered by electricity. The blower cannot be operated if it is raining. All inflatable units are rated safe for up to 15mph winds. If the wind is stronger than 15mph, it is not safe no matter how well it is staked down. If the temperature is below 45 degrees F, the vinyl does not do well and we risk damaging the unit. That being said, we will work with you and determine together if we are able to delivery the unit.

If it is considered probably safe to deliver the unit, but the forecast is still iffy, we leave it up to you to make the call. For example, if there is a chance for rain or a passing thunderstorm, we will leave it up to you to cancel and get a refund or have the unit delivered. Inflatables cannot be used in rain, thunder, lighting, or strong winds so if those conditions arise while you have the inflatable set up, it will be your responsibility to turn the unit off during those conditions. We do not give refunds for any lost time once the unit is delivered.

When we call you to confirm the day before, we will discuss any weather issues at that time. If you would like to wait until the day of your event to make the call for cancelation, we will give you a time you need to contact us by. Any reservation being canceled due to weather must be called in before the driver leaves for his deliveries. Depending on the schedule that day, the cut off time may be very early in the morning, but we will give you that time the day before.

If the reservation is cancelled due to weather by the appropriate time, you have three choices. You may either reschedule your event for a future date pending availability, cancel your reservation but have us save your payment for a future reservation, or you may receive a full refund.

Moonwalks cannot be operated in rain, thunder, lighting, winds above 15mph, or temperatures below 45 degrees F.
If the cancelation is made on the day of your event before the driver leaves for deliveries, you may receive a full refund. Other options include rescheduling pending availability or having us save your payment for a future reservation. Please keep in mind, there does actually have to be bad weather forecasted in order for a cancelation due to weather to be warranted.
If you would like us to deliver the unit, yes we will. Moonwalks cannot be used in rain, thunder, lighting, or strong winds so it is your responsibility to turn the unit off during these conditions.
No. We do not give refunds for any lost time once the unit is delivered.
Strong winds for moonwalks are 15mph or over. They are not rated for winds higher than that.
You must cancel on the day of your event before the driver departs for deliveries. We will let you know the day before what your cut off time is to give us a call for cancelation.

Inflatable Setup FAQ

A standard bounce house may be set up in at least a 20' x 20' area. Other larger units and slides will require more space. Please see each individual moonbounce & inflatable rental product page for details.
We prefer to set up inflatables on grass so it can be properly staked down. Most units can also be set up on concrete, cement, asphalt, or dirt. We would use sandbags or surrounding stationary objects to tie it down. We DO NOT set up on any types of rocks including gravel. Inflatables also need to be at least 20 feet from pools. The set up location also needs to be relatively flat.
We can set up indoors if there is enough space (ex. hall or gymnasium). We do also have indoor bounce houses that are specifically designed to fit in indoor spaces. It is your responsibility to determine if inflatables are allowed in the facility and what, if any, permits or paperwork are required. If your event is at a rented facility like a banquet hall or YMCA, a $50 fee will also be added because these types of event require more prep work and limit our scheduling.
Many parks allow the use of inflatables on their property. It is your responsibility to get prior approval or process any permits or paperwork before your event. You will also need to find out if electricity is available to you or if you require a generator. We do rent generators if you need one. A $50 fee will also be added to any event at a park because it requires more prep work and limits our scheduling.
Yes. We charge a $50 fee for an event at any rented facility like a park, banquet hall or YMCA. These types of event require more prep work and limit our scheduling. Therefore, a fee will be added.
Yes. Our delivery team will roll out, stake down, and set up the blower for your unit. We will turn it on and make sure everything is working properly. Once the unit is set up it cannot be moved. At the end of your event, we will take it down and take it away.
Safety is our number one concern. We will personally set up and pick up every inflatable. The set up area will be evaluated, the correct size, type and length power cord will be used and we make sure all of the connections are correctly made. We will use proper straps, stakes, tie downs, and anchors to secure the inflatable to the ground and ensure it's safe for operation. For these reasons, we do not allow customers to pick up the units. Also, each unit is rather large and weighs in excess of 220 lbs., so your safety in transport is also our concern.
The inflatable will come with the unit itself, stakes to secure it, a blower, and 50ft electrical cord to plug in.
All inflatables need to be located within 50 feet of electricity. Most units require at least a standard 110 volt, 20amp, three-prong electrical outlet with a GFI. We also ask that you clear the area you plan to put the inflatable on of any loose rocks, sticks, and dog waste. If you are renting a wet unit, you will need to supply the hose and water source. A standard garden hose is fine and of course it has to be long enough to reach the unit from the faucet. We also recommend mowing your lawn a day or two before your event, not the day of, so loose grass clippings don't end up all over the unit and the participants.
We do not need to drop off right at the set up area. However, a clear 4-5 foot path to the setup area is required. We cannot maneuver units up stairs, on steep hills, through houses or over fences.
If the unit is set up within 50 feet of an electrical outlet with a dedicated 20-amp circuit, you do not need a generator. A generator is only required if you do not have electricity available within 50 feet. You may use your own generator as long as we approve it ahead of time. We also offer generators for rent.
We will confirm your reservation details with you the day before you event. At that time we will provide your hour delivery window and your driver's name. Once we arrive at your location on the day of your event, we will ask you to pay any remaining balance and go over the contract and safety sheet. We will answer any questions you may have and help you determine the best set up location if needed. We will then set up the unit. Total set up time is about 20min.

Dunk Tank FAQ

How much water do they hold? All of our dunk tanks are full size and hold 500 gallons. They must be fully filled with water in order to be used properly.
We have the traditional round tub dunk tanks and we also carry collapsible dunk tanks, which are great for transporting through tight spaces.
We prefer dunk tanks to be set up on grass but they can also be set up on concrete, asphalt or cement. They cannot be set up on rocks of any kind.
Dunk Tanks require a dedicated space of 12' x 12'. You want to make sure there is enough space around the tank so spectators do not get splashed or hit with target balls.
Please see our Dunk Tank Page for a full list of safety rules.
Dunk Tanks can be rented for all kinds of events. They are great for fundraisers, carnivals, and picnics. They are also great for birthdays or if you're just looking for a fun way to cool off on a hot day.
Yes. We provide 3 softballs with each rental.
You are responsible for providing the water source and hose to fill it up. Depending on your water flow it takes about 30min to fill up the tank. If you want to be nice to your dunkee, we suggest filling it ahead of time before your event so the water has a chance to warm up. It has a drain to empty it and we ask that you to make sure it is empty before we arrived to pick it up. It takes about 15min to empty.

Photo Booth FAQ

We carry a state-of-the-art open-air style photo booth. It's technology and print quality are top of the line. Fully customizable prints are produced in seconds and photos can be posted directly to social media or emailed to guests. Our photo booths also have the ability to record short videos from guests.
An open-air photo booth means there is no box to squeeze you and 5 of your closest friends in in order to take a picture. You do have an option for a curtain, but guests can stand to take pictures and up to 15 people can fit in one photo. It is a modern and smart looking photo booth and would be a great addition to any event.
Traditionally, photo booths are great for weddings, school dances, and carnivals. However, photo booths are gaining more and more popularity at all types of events including family reunions, milestone birthdays (50th Birthday, Sweet Sixteen, Quinceañera), milestone anniversaries, bat & bar mitzvahs, grad nights, and corporate events.
Photo Booths are available for 4 or 5- hour packages. More time may also be added for an additional cost. Please see our photo booth page for details.
All photo booth rentals include our top of the line photo booth, unlimited prints, photo connection with social media, and a photo booth attendant.
Your photo booth attendant will set up and take down the photo booth. He/She will also assist your guests in using the photo booth so you can make sure you get the most out of your rental. Your attendant will also assist guests with guestbook creation.
For an additional fee, we also offer props, USB of all photos, personalized prints, and personalized guestbook and scrapbook options. Please see our photo booth page for details.
A photo booth can be used outdoors. However, the photo booth must be protected from any weather including direct sunlight. Sun glare may also interfere with photos.

Concessions FAQ

We offer popcorn machines, cotton candy machines, sno cone machines, a hotdog rolling machine, and a 5ft party grill.
Yes. We do offer discounts when a concession machine is rented with an inflatable, dunk tank or photo booth. Please give a call to inquire.
Supplies are not included in the rental price, but we offer many supplies for purchase such as cotton candy sugar, cotton candy paper cones, sno cone syrup, sno cone paper cones, popcorn, and popcorn bags.
Yes. We will go over how to use the machine upon delivery or pick up. The directions are also printed on all machines.
All concessions except the party grill require an electrical outlet. We do not supply or sell hotdogs for the hotdog rolling machine.
Yes. If the unit is not cleaned prior to pick up or return, a cleaning fee may be assessed. We will go over proper cleaning techniques for each unit upon delivery or pick up.
We can only accept the return of unopened supplies. We cannot accept any unused paper goods or open food products. We will gladly refund you for acceptable supply returns. You are welcome to keep all open supply products for a future use. However, we do require the return of our sno cone syrup pumps, spouts, and quart bottles. To keep unused syrup, please transfer to your own container.
Yes. We will supply you with two full propane tanks per reservation. You just have to supply the yummy food!

Big Screen Movies FAQ

The base price of $399 (Friday or Saturday) and $325 (Sunday-Thursday) is for 2.5 hrs. If you’re showing a longer movie or a double feature, it’s only $99 for each additional hour.
No. We cannot provide the movie due to licensing requirements. It is your responsibility to provide the movie and obtain any required permits or licenses.
We cannot play copies of movies. If you’re showing a home movie, please be sure to have a backup Blu Ray/DVD player that you know will play the movie in case ours does not. We cannot guarantee copied videos will play on our equipment.
You DO NOT need a license if you are showing the movie on your own property to family and friends. You DO need a license if you are showing the movie anywhere else including schools, churches, parks, park and recs, or any other public places. Please visit our Licensing section for places to obtain the license.
You cannot charge people to view the movie without proper licensing, but you can use the movie to draw people in to your event and make money in other ways. Please visit our Tip and Tricks section for fundraising ideas. Please keep in mind you still need a license to show the movie, but it’s significantly less expensive to show it for free than to charge a fee.
Yes. As long as space allows, including height clearance.
We can set up outdoors or indoors (as long as space allows). It can be set up on grass or concrete. We cannot set up on rocks of any kind. Unlike our bounce houses, it can be set up near a pool.
Yes. If you rent our Big Screen Movie package you are eligible to save $15 on concession machines including popcorn, cotton candy and sno cones.
No. We will not set up Big Screen Movies outside if there is any chance of rain. The equipment cannot get wet. For inclement weather cancelation policies, please see our Bad Weather Policy.

Alpha Bravo Mobile Laser Tag Policy & FAQ

Alpha Bravo Mobile Laser Tag follows the same reservation policy and payment policy as our inflatables. It also follows the same cancelation policy including bad weather. Please note that Alpha Bravo Mobile Laser Tag cannot be played in the rain or in high winds just like our inflatables. Please see below for additional policy information specific to Alpha Bravo Mobile Laser Tag.

Location Policy
The playing area needs to be clear of any hazards and safe for use. We reserve the right to cancel upon arrival due to any unexpected hazards including poison ivy, muddy conditions, unclean pet areas etc.

Player Conduct
All players must conduct themselves in a polite and safe manner. We reserve the right to deny access to spectators or participants if they exhibit any of the following: offensive language, abusive behavior, physical contact with guests or employees, intentional misuse or harm of props or equipment, or are suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Property Damage and Injury Policy
If any equipment is damaged or any participants sustain an injury, it needs to be reported to your Game Coach as soon as possible. Necessary actions will be taken from there.

Equipment damage policy
If any equipment is damaged by a participant, during play or otherwise, the repair or replacement value of the damaged equipment is the responsibility of the participant or participant’s guardian.

No. The equipment works just as well in the daytime as it does in the dark.
Our base price is for 90min and more time can be added. Please see pricing for details.
Our pricing structure is based on the number of units provided. Please see our product page for more information. You will have the booked number of units, the number of guests that you have to use those units is up to you. We can play in 6-8 min rounds so everyone has a chance to play.
Alpha Bravo Mobile Laser Tag follows the same payment/cancelation policy as our inflatables with a 20% deposit required at booking and no penalty cancelation two weeks out for any reason and no penalty cancelation the morning of your event due to weather.
Of course! Alpha Bravo Mobile Laser Tag can certainly draw more people to your event. Alpha Bravo Mobile Laser Tag is also a great prize for the class who raised the most etc. Please contact us to discuss low cost options.
Alpha Bravo Mobile Laser Tag can be set up in a backyard, a park, a gymnasium or just about any other space. We prefer to set up on grass vs. pavement. Grass is a softer landing in case there are any trips and falls and it is more forgiving on the equipment. We can set up in a backyard or wooded area and use existing obstacles or we can set up in an open area and bring in bunkers etc. Please keep in mind, setting up in a public area may require prior approval and/or permits and other paperwork. This is the responsibility of the person booking the event.
We need about 60min to setup and 60min to clean up. We ask that you make sure we have access to the event space at least 90 minutes prior to your event start time to ensure we’re set up on time and ready to go! We also ask that you keep guests out of the event area until we are set up and while we breakdown.
Do due to the heavy lifting and knowledge required for setup we cannot accept offers to help. The offer is appreciated, but the best you can do to help would be to keep guests clear of the event area during set up and breakdown.
We cannot set up or play in heavy rains and high winds. Our equipment is water resistant, but not waterproof. Our bunkers also need to be staked down and rain or heavily soiled ground makes this impossible. They are also not safe in high winds.
Alpha Bravo Mobile Laser Tag follows in the bad weather policy as our inflatables.
With the headband’s 3 sensors, it’s practically impossible to conceal your target if you’re actively playing.
Our taggers don’t actually use lasers, despite the term laser tag. They use infrared technology so it can’t be seen or hurt your eyes, just like your TV remote. The optional scopes do have red dot lasers to better target your opponent.
The main targets are located on the front of the tagger itself. It has an on-board sensor with 270 degree sensitivity. Three point sensor headbands are also available, but these may be uncomfortable and increase equipment swap time. They also make it harder to conceal yourself because our average bunker height is only 3ft.
Your guests will require water, because Laser Tag is quite the workout. A shaded area to cool off or a place to warm up between rounds will also be helpful.
We do not because of copyright reasons. You are certainly welcome to provide your own background music and speakers to enhance the Alpha Bravo Mobile Laser Tag experience. Please be aware if you post any videos on social media or YouTube etc. with background music it may be removed for copyright infringement.
Comfortable clothes are certainly recommended. Closed toes shoes must be worn at all times (no sandals for flip flops) and don’t forget the sunscreen, sunglasses, and bug spray if outside. Hats and bandanas can still be worn with the headsets. Also, don’t be afraid to dress the part. For example, camouflage won’t help you with our bunker obstacles, but if you’re playing it woods it certainly can’t hurt.
We do not recommend alcohol use during the event, but it is not strictly prohibited. However, there may be restrictions set by the venue, location or customer. Our event coordinators have the right to refuse any guests from participating if they appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol for the safety of other participants.
Our equipment is designed with safety in mind. The taggers are lightweight and durable and use a safe infrared beam (like TV remotes) so there is minimal risk to eye injury. Laser Tag is not a contact sport activity, but just with any physical activity, there are chances for trips, falls, player collision, and other minor sport injuries.
It’s usually pretty clear a controlled game is being conducted, but we do have equipment markings and signs to help prevent confusion. Players are instructed to stay within certain boundaries and to not aim taggers at non-participants. We will rope off open play areas and require play areas to be away from roadways so we don’t distract or confuse passing drivers. If we are in a large uncontrolled area, we may alert the local law enforcement of our plans.
Our equipment does resemble real firearms and makes shooting noises and players do target at each other, but we refrain from using gun and shooting terms. For example, we won’t use gun or kill, but rather tagger, blaster, eliminations, rounds etc. Our focus is more about teamwork while experiencing a fun and healthy activity that participants of all ages, athletic ability and size can enjoy together.