22 Foot Fire & Ice Dual Height Slide


It may be a hot as fire summer day, but this unit can help you cool off like ice! The 22ft Fire & Ice Dual Height Slide is our first and only slide with two slides at two different heights. The taller slide is taller than a two-story building at 22’. But, it also has a shorter slide for those younger kids who just might not be ready to take the plunge.

Partygoers can climb up the inflatable ladder with handles and can then choose which slide they want to go down. Stop at the first platform, or continue 3 ½ feet higher and slide down the second onto an inflatable landing mattress. Cutouts at the bottom make for an easy exit. The fully enclosed platform and slide netting will prevent over-eager partygoers from jumping at the top. As always, our inflatables are made using lead free and fire resistant vinyl for your safety.

It can certainly be used dry as well and it is just as fast either way. Trust us.

This is the hottest slide around (or coolest, depending on who you ask). Don’t wait to book it for your event!

More Information

  • Setup area: 40'L x 25'W or larger
  • Actual Size: 32'L x 19'W x 22'H
  • Outlets: min. 20 amp circuit